The influence of globalisation över intemational cooperation and trade dynamics is forcing global brands to reevaluate their current production slrategies. İn order to maintain a competitive momentum över intemational markets, these brands are reassessing their potentials and develop innovative. cynergic new production formulas.

Focused on introducing appealing new products to intemational markets, global brands act around different approaches yet share a fundemantel strategy. Today, in order to survive in ever stressed status quo, these corporations concentrate their production potential and vvorkforce on research and development efforts, know-how related special production processes and assembly based final production.

In line with this novel strategy. the global brands are targeting the purchase of near totality of subproducts from outsources who conduct their production activities in conformity with intemational quality and management standards. Naturally every new strategy implied creates it's own set of novel parameters and these parameters must be handled with necessary care and resources.

In the execution of the above mentioned production strategy. Eleksan Ltd. offers consultancy Services focused on introducing Turkish subpart manufacturers to global brands actual supplier portfolios.

Installed in Turkey, a modern infrastructured country bordering European Community, the Turkish subpart suppliers with integrated modern production standards and methods, are more than capable of satisfying any global brand. Eleksan Ltd. targets the valorisation of this capacity and vvorks for the establishement and development of relations between global brands and local suppliers.

With more than 40 years of industrial experience and extended local supplier database, Eleksan Ltd. handles the task of procurement of novel suppliers. above the effectiveness levels atteined by digital communication and intemational fairs. Local organisational and logistic Services provided by our company ensures fast and smooth conduct of relations, with the advantage of having a local resource of intervention.

Up to our date, global brands benefıting from Eleksan Ltd's consultancy Services acquired competitive. high quality suppliers thus increasing their momentum on global markets concerned.


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