Established in 1970 in Istanbul, Eleksan Ltd. initially commercialised a product group including power potentiometers, power resistors and electromagnetic contactor spare contact sets. In the following years of it's establishment, the company formulated it's corporate philosophy and constitutional principles meanwhile acquiring representational rights of several foreign brands in order to fortify it's industry specific strength.

After two decades of succesful execution of it's major activities, in 1990, Eleksan Ltd. developed and introduced a new product group, consisting of feeding, screwdriving and similarily tasked automation systems. The positive reception of these cost effective and reliable systems enabled Eleksan Ltd. to expand it's scope and reach new customers over a wide range of industrial applications.

After three decades of successful local representation of foreign brands, in 1995, Eleksan Ltd. introduced the medical product range of it's foreign partners into local markets. The momentum of this new enterprise was enhanced by the acquisition of additional respresentational rights and the launch of a brand new dental laboratory equipment range, designed and manufactured by Eleksan Ltd.

Following the increase in operational capacity, in 1997, Eleksan Ltd. built a new installation in the Dudullu Industrial Zone, located in the Asian side of Istanbul. In 1998 the company moved the totality of it's assets to this new location.

Since 1998, with ever enhancing design and manufacturing abilities, Eleksan Ltd. earned the trust of forerunning industrial corporations such as Bosch, Beko, Arçelik and reached a universal level of brand quality in the field of automation applications.

In 2005, Eleksan Ltd. and Rhein'83, a leading dental company of Italian origin, collaborated in the establishment of a dental training laboratory located at Eleksan Ltd.'s headquarters.  The ongoing training courses held in participation of local and foreign instructors underlines Eleksan Ltd.'s contributional efforts in sectoral quality enhancement and beneficial sharing in focused industries and markets.

Today, by incorporated technologies and expertise level reached over four decades, an innovative vision focused on enhancement and progress, Eleksan Ltd. stands as the thrustworthy brand helping the future advance.



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