Eleksan Ltd. is committed to conduct business along ethical principles, based on honesty and clarity, complying with laws and regulations wherever it conducts business. Our company regulates it's relations with it's employees and customers on equality and respect principles and acts in concern of human welfare and the environment.


In course of our business activities, we get deeply involved in our customers' organisation and acquire in depth access to design, know how, manufacturing techniques and processes related information and similar critical data. Complying with our obligation to protect our customers' interrests, we ensure that all information shared is solely used for it's intended purpose. All verbal, written or visual information related to our customers' trade secrets are closely guarded and circulated in a need to know basis.

In full awareness of the enhancements we provide over the manufacturing processes of our customers, by reference of the volume and technological level of cooperation with an original customer, we minimise our relations with rival corporations.


Eleksan Ltd.'s business activities are precisely focused on customer satisfaction. Our company seeks the well being and comfort of it's customers' workforce by providing them with ergonomic, efficient and problem free, products.

Fully aware of the fact that all our activities are a means to a single end, we seek to enhance the life quality and the welfare of our employees, customers and our society. In compliance with current laws and regulations, we strive to create healty and safe working environments, guide our employees towards reaching their full potential and share our knowledge and experience with educational institutions, contributing to the professional visions of future engineers and technicians.


Extending from the living and working environment of a single individual on micro scale, to the macro scaled ecological system, we are in full awareness of our reliance on natural resources and our obligation to maintain and enhance environmental conditions.

Conscient of our ecological responsability, we focus on the effective use of natural resources and  exertion of environmental and health care in context of our operations. Enhancement efforts over our employees working conditions and safety, the usage of environment friendly products and substances on our production processes and energy efficiency targets in our design processes clearly underline our environmental concern.


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