With over 40 years of experience over automation and electromechanical technologies, Eleksan Ltd. provides it's customers with innovative, custom designed automated production solutions, focusing mainly on automotive, white-tool and medical industries.

By reference to our extended technological database,  diversity of our automation solutions  and professional and systematic outlook, we can easily determine the choke points of our customers’ production process and provide them with reliable and effective solutions. Our development and integration studies maintained over linear production systems, indexed turntables and various automation platforms enables us to design and produce the most effective solution focused on customer specific requirments.

Our total production strategy covering overall system production enable us to handle customer requests with maximum speed and efficiency. All design and manufacture phases of mentioned automation systems (3D design, CNC manufacturing, feeder system production, assembly, electrical cabling and software development) are performed in house by Eleksan Ltd.'s expert staff.

With our extended knowledge, strong financial structure, incorporated design and manufacturing technologies and our expert production and support staff, we are currently classified as “the local expert corporation” by forerunning foreign companies operating in Turkey.

Standing at the forefront of the Turkish automation industry, we enjoy the rightfully earned reputation of being the dependable long term solution partner for the leading local and foreign industrial corporations.


Assembly Systems

These systems are tasked with the assembly of products consisting of several subparts. The complexity of an assembly system may vary from operator assisted semi automatic systems to fully automated, high capacity assembly lines, always incorporating product specific assembly technologies.

Machine Feeding Systems

These robotic systems are tasked with feeding and removal of workparts, to and from fully automated machinery such as CNC's and injection molding machines. Machine feeding systems ensure operator independent, fully automatic production conditions.

Transfer & Storage Systems

During the production flow, the task of transferring workpieces between production lines or machinery are handled by robotic transfer systems. Situated at the end of a production line, storage systems handle the task of fully automatic storage of finished products in requested format.

Screwdriving Systems

Screwdriving method still stands as the major assembly technique. Eleksan Ltd. has extensive knowledge over the design and production of semi and full automatic screwdriving systems incorporating pneumatic or electrical screwdrivers.

Miscellaneous Applications

Non standard automation applications consists of projects devised around special customer demands and include quality control systems, heat resistant, mobile conveyors, liquid dosing systems, manual assembly lines, etc…

Vibratory Feeders

ED and EL lines of vibratory feeders are used in continuous sorting, transfer and feeding of workpieces. With over 20 years of field performance, our vibratory feeder product line offers high efficiency feeding solutions.


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